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It’s virtually impossible to have a great vaping experience without a proper vaping device. A good vaping device should come packaged with all the essential components such as a battery, charger, e-liquid, and most importantly a vape atomizer.

With all these components in place, you can be rest assured to achieve those big clouds you like. In this no-nonsense article, we’re going to take you through all that you need to know about best vape tanks and how to clean them. Keep reading!

Best Vape Tanks Today


Top on our list is the SMOK’s TFV8 which is arguably the most popular tank on the market today. Apart from offering major airflow improvements, this tank provides an impressive 6ml capacity. Its recent upgrade came with improved vapor production as well as a more pleasant inhale. Also, it has adjustable dual bottom airflow and a heat-spoofing Delrin super-wide drip tip. Not to mention the signature hinged top-fill system. In conclusion, if you’re looking for something reliable, SMOK TFV8 is well recommended.

2. Aspire Tigon

Hot on the heels of the Smok TFV8 is the Aspire Tigon. In fact, if you’ve been blessed to vape using the tank, you’d definitely recommend this tank to your friends. This tank coms in an easy and secure child-safe top-fill design. Durable stainless steel quartz glass can protect this tank from drops and falls. Additionally, it comes with a 0.4 ohm DTL coil along with a 1.2 ohm MTL coil for e-juice and nicotine salt juice. Lastly, you can get it in different colors including blue, black, rainbow and stainless.

3. MIG Vapor WTF

This vape tank comes in a compact size together with smaller coils. However, it has big e-juice ports and increased airflow drawn right through the coil’s heart. The huge base allows it also to accommodate large, smooth airflow as well as attach it to your favorite mods.

4. Aspire Cleito 120

Since 2013, Aspire has been producing some of the best vape tanks in the market. Also, the Cleito will offer you an immediate vaping experience because it comes in a full kit including an extra atomizer, a replacement pyrex tube, one vape band, and four rubber cuffs.

5. Horizon Falcon King

Straight from Horizon Tech, this redesigned tank was and still is their best-selling tank. This Falcon tank comes with bamboo fiber mesh coils and a button press-filling mechanism. Due to these features, Falcon King is arguably the best sub-ohm tank currently in the market your money can buy. Besides, this tank has a 25.5 mm diameter, 6ml capacity for holding your e-liquid, and comes in ten different colors.

6. Innokin Zenith D22

This MTL tank comes in a glass, stainless steel construction as well as boasting of a disappointing 2ml capacity. However, don’t let the capacity fool you because this tank is pretty much reliable. First forward, the Plexus coils use the reliable Kanthal wire mesh, rather than the typical spiral wires in most coils. For more or less resistance, Zenith also has you covered due to adjustable bottom airflow. Also, you’ll get a 1.6-ohm mouth-to-lung coil and a 0.5-ohm direct-lung coil.

7. Geekvape Alpha

The Alpha, just like the name suggests, is among the leading sub-ohm tanks currently in the market. It’s flavorful “Mesh mellow” coils use the high-quality Egyptian cotton, and its top filling system incorporates a practical, spring-loaded button-press. Lastly, it has a 25 mm diameter perfect for pairing with the GeekVape Nova mod.

8. Brain Fogger Atomizer

If you’re looking for something affordable, then this is a perfect fit for you. It comes with a small wax tank and a temperature control system for better flavor. Once you have the coils working together, you can proceed to enjoy the perfect vaping experience.

9. Freemax Mesh Pro

If you’re an experienced vaper, I’m pretty sure you know a bit about the Fireluke series tanks. Well, Freemax Mesh Pro is an upgrade of the Fireluke series. That being said, this big sub-ohm tank has a 28 mm wide diameter and a 6ml capacity with a bubble tank. It also comes with four multi-mesh coils.

10. Sense Screen

vape tanks

Sense Screen should always be your go-to option for maximum flavor and thick clouds. It has a 25 mm wide diameter and a whopping 7 ml capacity. To add on this, the coils come in 3 different editions (dual, triple and quad), with the triple coil being rated up to an astonishing 150 watts! It doesn’t stop there as Sense Screen is the first wooden sub-ohm tank globally.

What’s a Vape Tank?

After settling for the best box mod or vape pen, the next step is to look for the right tank. In fact, the tank is the one responsible for holding your favorite e-liquid and creating those massive amounts of vapor you enjoy. The main components of a vape tank include the drip tip, atomizer/coil, chimney, tank base, tube, top cap, and a 510 connection for connecting the device.

Vape Tanks - Guides to Choose the Best Vape Tanks

Also, you’ll find most of them being constructed in plastic, metal (adonized aluminum/stainless steel), or pyrex. That being said, tanks are classified into three distinct categories, which are:

-Cartomizers – They have cotton within them for absorbing the e-liquid to be heated by the coil once the battery is activated.

-Cleoromizers – Instead of using cotton to absorb the e-liquid, they have wicks. Most of them have reservoirs for holding your e-liquid, so you don’t have to refill your e-liquid much often.

-Glassomizers – Although they bear lots of resemblance to the clearomizers, their reservoirs are made of pyrex glass instead of plastic. One of the main advantages of using pyrex glasses is that they won’t erode with time due to your e-liquid’s acidity.

Things to Consider When Buying Vape Tanks

Now that you have some basic information about the vaping atomizer, it’s now time to take you through how to choose the best fit for you. So here are some of the most important features to consider:


The amount of airflow allowed in by your vape tank can ultimately determine whether you continue or stop vaping, especially for beginners. Some people prefer the smoking experience which comes with limited airflow. On the other hand, others prefer maximum airflow levels to enjoy the smooth hit. Besides, more airflow means a much cooler vape while less airflow means more heat.


In most cases, vaping tanks only accept coils with specified resistance levels. More resistance levels often boil down to more vapor production and vice versa. All in all, if you don’t prefer sub-ohm vaping, then coils with higher resistance levels are for you.

Pre-Built or Custom Coil Builds

Typically, coils are housed inside the vaping tanks. That said, most brands prefer pre-built coils to make it easier when replacing them by simply unscrewing it in case of burn-out. On the other hand, you’ll find more advanced vapers preferring self-build coils or tanks with buildable decks.

Cleaning a Vape Tank

For optimal performance, it’s paramount that you properly clean your vape tank. This is because the accumulated residue can eventually affect your favorite device’s performance. All in all, your accessories should be appropriately cleaned using water, propylene glycol, an ultrasonic cleaner, or household cleaning agents.

Vape Tanks - Guides to Choose the Best Vape Tanks

First of all, disconnect the tank and take the coil out. During this process, however, you should pay close attention to the way things fit together to avoid unnecessary confusion when matching them back. Proceed to check if your tank is still clean, and if it is, simply rinse the parts with running water. Before letting them to air-dry, simply dry them using a paper towel.

If your tank hasn’t been cleaned for a while, soak the parts in a cup/bowl full with warm water until the water cools down. Before doing this, however, rinse the parts under the sink. Also, be careful when using a blow dryer because the O-rings can be damaged with too much heat.

You can use some simple household items to clean your vape atomizer thoroughly. However, make sure you rinse the parts properly after using any of these cleaning agents.

  • Vinegar, but must be thoroughly rinsed to avoid leaving behind an unwanted smell
  • Cheap Vodka
  • Ethanol/Grain alcohol
  • Baking soda

Instead of using water or the agents above, merely use PG. Fill up a cup or bowl and soak your disassembled tank for at least an hour or two. Once you’re done soaking your tank, stand it up using a napkin until it drips dry. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of the leftover flavor, there you have it!

Finally, the ultrasonic cleaner will give you the most thorough cleaning because this method is even used to clean the jewelry and other precious metals. Simply fill it with water then proceed to run it until your vape tank parts are clean. For better results, try adding a few drops of your dishwashing liquid. Afterward, rinse your vape atomizer and let it dry.

Cleaning Your Coils

Just like with the vape tank, coils also play an integral role in achieving the best vaping experience. Most replaceable coils are of 2 types including the tank’s coil heads which are encased in a metal chamber containing an absorbent wick and the rebuildable, which require you to install and wick. Here’s how to clean them:

You can begin by soaking it in cheap vodka, ethanol, or vinegar for a couple of hours. After this, rinse it under the tap before rinsing again with distilled water. You can blow air through your coil’s open side to force the remaining water out via the wicking holes. Finally, let it dry for some time. Take note that you’ll need to change the coil head no matter how new it may look afterward.

First of all, remove the wicks before proceeding to check how dirty your coil is. A light, dry burn can come in handy if it’s not that bad. Pulse the fire button severally to effectively remove the remaining liquid, before letting it cool down and re-wick.

If the steps mentioned above don’t work out, try burning the coil lightly without letting it glow too much. However, this should be done after you’ve removed the wick. After this, proceed to remove the atomizer from the mode, before placing it under running water.

Use a toothbrush to brush it lightly and then rinse again. Finally, perform a dry-burn to remove the last water droplets effectively. Take note that your coil, just like with any other equipment, will need replacing after extensive use.

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