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Jack Herer Strain

Jack Herer strain is an excellent hybrid. Created by a stock breeder green House, this strain has high-end Sativa oldsters, creating it a completely decadent alternative. Nuggets mingle green with bright blue, whereas the flavors are lemon and oranges doused in pepper with minty notes of Skunk, It’s parentage is sourced in prestigious Sativa roots, giving this strain an unbeatable richness. It will treat sore muscle and pain. This strain is appropriate for daytime and nighttime usage.

Type of High of our Jack Herer vape danks and Jack Herer dank vapes

 Jack Herer dank strain high appears to last forever however it hits users inside minutes! it’ll maintain clarity however provides a refreshing sensation that’s still quite calming in nature.

Breeder: Green House
Genetics:  Jack Herer  strain is a cross between Jack Herer and Ruderalis cannabis strains
Indica / Sativa quantitative relation
Hybrid (50% Sativa / five hundredth Indica)
Average psychoactive substance / CBD Level
15.00/20.00% psychoactive substance —/—% CBD —/—% CBN

Real Jack Herer
Jack Herer vape
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Jack Herer dank vapes
Jack Herer vape danks


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