Diamond OG Dank Carts

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Marijuana Diamond OG  Strain

Diamond OG  Vape Cartridges

Diamond OG c strain is Associate in Nursing Indica dominant hybrid with a tetrahydrocannabinol level of Revolutionary Organization 17 November. Modest enough to attractiveness to smokers in the slightest degree levels of expertise. Also, It’s Associate in the Nursing, particularly rare and delightful plant.  Recognizable by its sparkling and aromatic buds… Its flavor is slightly sweeter with the acquainted woodsy undertones. It will treat muscle spasms and pain. sensible for daytime and evening usage.

Type of High of our Diamond OG dank vapes

Diamond OG  strain offers an awfully long-lived and elated high that tends to encourage lethargy and laziness towards the abasement.

Genetics of our Diamond OG vape danks

Lineage: Diamond OG  strain could be a cross between Associate. More still In Nursing unknown strain and also the fashionable OG Kush strain.
Indica / Sativa magnitude relation
Hybrid (50% Sativa / five hundredth Indica)
Average tetrahydrocannabinol / CBD Level
13.75/22.00% THC 0.28/0.30% CBD 0.05/6.50% CBN

Real Diamond OG
Diamond OG vape
authentic Diamond OG strain
Diamond OG dank vapes
Diamond OG vape danks


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