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O.Pen Vape Review

As time goes by, technology has become more progressed. Simultaneously, our technological devices have been shriveling to make them more convenient to utilize. Vaporizers are no exception to this, having evolved from bigger, clunkier models, to minor devices that effectively fit in your pocket or can stow away in your grasp, on the off chance that you need to be circumspect. O.Pen Vape Review

The O.pen Vape is by a wide margin one of the littlest vape pens accessible available today. As far back as it wound up accessible, I have been eager to at long last get one and give it a shot for myself. One of the best pieces of this product is simply the Fill it Kit, which is a quite innovative and exceptional concept that gives you a chance to blend your own oil solutions to use in the vaporizer.

This comprehensive survey, which was composed dependent on my personal experience utilizing the gadget and all its awesome accessories, covers each part of the product so that you’ll be confident when choosing the best vaporizer for you!

What’s going on here?

The O.Pen Vape is very like a standard pencil or composing pen and only approximately double the weight. The bottom of the gadget has a battery which connects to the cartomizer. It is compatible with disposable, plastic cartridges that keep running for about $30 apiece and come effectively loaded up with oil containing cannabis.

Because of this, you can unfortunately only purchase the O.Pen Vape cartridges in cannabis-accommodating states. This lead product from the company goes in cost from $20-$25, making it a quite extraordinary arrangement, particularly considering the unit that comes with the pen, and all the extraordinary accessories it contains, making it possible for you to blend your own oil at a fantastically reasonable cost!


Personally, I absolutely love the plan of this vape gadget. It is incredibly light in weight, slim and smooth to the touch. It effectively fits in the palm of your hand and has a smooth and rich structure. However, it is long for a vape pen, measuring up to about six inches. That might be not exactly perfect for some people who like to be tactful with their vaping propensities and need the capacity to completely conceal the gadget in their grasp while they breathe in.

It does fit consummately into a coat, gasp, or shirt pocket, making it perfect for an actual existence on the go. It comes with a box which has separate compartments where you can store the majority of the accessories that come incorporated into the pack. You can also utilize the top of the box, often called a “honey pot,” to blend your vape oil. This makes it exceptionally simple to keep everything organized and stowed away so as to avoid losing any of the little pieces that belong to the unit.


The box seals safely, avoiding any of the fluid from spilling out, which can cause colossal wreckage. Not to mention, a spilling vaporizer left in outrageous temperatures, for example, inside your vehicle, can potentially be negative, or even deadly to your gadget.

The chamber molded bundling the gadget comes in will not only protect your vaporizer however will guarantee in the event that it does start to spill due to being left in outrageous temperatures, but it also won’t cause a wreck!

The O.Pen vape also has an element which will automatically remove the battery’s power following eight seconds. This will avoid overheating the gadget and will keep it from becoming harmed thus.

Flavor Options

Various sorts of hash oils are accessible for buy-in syringes at dispensaries. Basically heat the oil, at that point top off a cartridge! This gadget can be utilized for vaping non-fluid concentrates also. Simply blend the polyethylene glycol into the concentrate and get it to the correct consistency, at that point you’re prepared to begin vaping!

Regardless of the assortment of options accessible, some vapers have complained that it takes too long to get the correct consistency and guarantee that the concentrate you are utilizing is homogeneous and unvaried.

Because of this, the cartridge framework highlighted on the O.Vape can be prohibitive in its convenience. Some people have also complained of a “synthetically” taste to some of the oils that come in the preloaded cartridges.


The battery which is incorporated with the pen will come uncharged when you buy it, so it will require a change it before utilizing your new vaping gadget. The battery accuses of a USB cord. A light located on the tip will abandon red to green when it is completely energized.

It takes around 3-4 hours to get a full charge, which is a long time to need to pause. Also, it’s something numerous clients have complained about over and over. However, once it arrives at a full charge, the pen can potentially keep going for as long as seven days, even with everyday use, before the battery becomes depleted.

Ease of use

This gadget is exceptionally simple to utilize. There are no buttons you need to press to get a hit, simply attract air just as you were sucking through a straw and the gadget will automatically warmth up, making this product fool-proof! It is easy to conceal from view and incredible to use on the go!

Unwavering quality

The brand keeps roads of communication open with its retailers and guarantees they are truly knowledgable in the brand’s products and highlights. It surely comes inconveniently to have the opportunity to get some information about specific products before making a buy.

They also encourage retailers to collaborate with the company so they can show signs of improvement thought of their potential customer’s needs and concerns. The company even controls the costs retailers charge for their products, so you can make sure clients are not going to pay an outrageously high amount.

O.pen Vape even offers guarantees on the majority of their products. Something that is excessively uncommon among vaping companies, particularly with regards to vaping pens. Vaping pens can be a low-spending option in theory. In any case, often, the straightforwardness with which they break, and the rate at which you need to dish out money for new ones will wind up costing you unmistakably more than foreseen over the long haul.

Unfortunately, while the company professes to have a great customer administration group, this is something numerous O.Pen Vape clients can’t help contradicting. It appears on numerous occasions, the company has disappointed numerous customers by falling through on their promises. Which leaves numerous people questioning the company’s overall validity.

O.pen Vape Pros and Cons


Good quality and solidly constructed, particularly for the cost

Completely watertight to avoid harm to the gadget

The single-coil performance makes it exceptionally effective

The shrewd fireplace structure for a smooth airflow

No buttons or settings; Just breathe in to utilize, making this gadget completely foolproof

Extraordinary flavor for an airflow RTA

Quiet compared to other RTAs which makes it more tactful

Utilizations preloaded vape cartridges for convenience

Simple to get the ideal degree of THC

Compact and prudent, simple to hold in your grasp

Has a smooth, rich structure

The included unit comes with a TON of extraordinary accessories

Inexpensive, making it an incredible option for any financial limit

Comes with a lifetime guarantee which will spare you a ton of money over the long haul!

The sequential number on the gadget makes it fantastically simple to get aftereffects of lab testing for your particular model from CW expository

Long battery life which could last as long as seven days, even with everyday use


The product contains Polyethylene Glycol which is accepted to effectively affect your wellbeing when warmed up and breathed in

Medicinal Cannabis patients should take additional consideration in perusing the marks on cannabis products

The accessible flavors can taste a piece “artificially”

It contains plastic cartomizers which are not considered to be especially solid.

There are some O-rings on the gadget which are loose

Extremely long charging time

The company does not generally follow through with their promises


Overall, this vape gadget is a good product for the cost and conveys a quality encounter. It is very easy to use, settling on it an incredible choice for fledglings. The brand, while not continually conveying on the majority of their promises. Does appear to mean well and continues to improve as a company. They have a wide exhibit of products accessible available for you to choose.

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